CardByte Launches Contact Management and Professional Networking App to Revolutionize Businesses


January 17, 2022 2:50 p.m. STI

New Delhi [India]January 17 (ANI/NewsSee): CardBytea contactless contact management and business networking company, is setting foot in the Indian market to disrupt business and elevate the numbers game for individuals and organizations.
The company is a card-based networking and contact management platform for individuals and businesses that is governed and regulated with AI-integrated proprietary management systems.
Not only is the company filling the gap by launching an application to stay in touch with its interlocutors, but also by remaining environmentally conscious in its choices. CardByte’s digital-only model aims to reduce paper printing across the world and prevent deforestation for manual contact cards and networking.
Restoring a new normal with its digital services and features, CardByte aims to help individuals, businesses and businesses who cannot afford sophisticated and expensive automated solutions for contact management and regulation.
It also helps people manage and organize contacts; scanning, searching and updating contacts in real time for immediate help and increases the overall productivity of individuals, clients/businesses. Besides that, CardByte helps people stay connected and up to date with their network.
CardByte intends to take the industry by storm with its features and services including organizer contact directory to organize contacts by industry, profession and build business and professional network, online/offline sharing Business Card Reader, the AI-powered online/offline card scanner, enabling discovery to help people explore known contacts and connect with mutual contacts and maintain privacy to have full control on your information.
Commenting on the launch, Navinn Kapur, co-founder and director of Scientia Solutions Pvt. Ltd., said, “CardByte is our effort to revolutionize the way people manage their contacts. By helping businesses develop accurate contact information and periodic updates over time, I see people realizing the benefits of organizing their contact book digitally and better regulating their network connections. even in this low-contact economy. CardByte is not only something that helps people organize their contacts at their fingertips, but also respects their privacy and confidentiality while being easy to use. It helps clients structure their contacts digitally, network socially and allow them to take control of their data while enabling seamless integration of all their information into our AI directory.”
He added: “CardByte is meant to be part of your routine, coming back to you whenever you need help with your contacts or social circle. With the launch of the app, we are additionally planning to introduce the enterprise version. release soon this year and allow our customers to experience augmented reality and conversational AI through our product. »
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