CardByte revolutionizes contact management with a seamless corporate network


Business contact management and business networking have always been inefficient due to the lack of automation and digitization tools in the market. With the pandemic outbreak in 2019, people were forced to practice social distancing, work remotely, and network digitally to sustain themselves. It was then that the industry realized that printed business cards were rendered useless in case of virtual interactions and events. To address these challenges facing the industry, CardByte was launched. It is a proprietary business card-based professional networking and contact management platform for individuals and businesses. CardByte is driven and regulated by an AI-integrated management system. Speaking of the same, Mr. Navinn Kapur, Co-Founder and Director, CardByte shares his insights.

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CardByte is a one-stop contact management solution for storing, reviewing and managing business cards and business contacts while dramatically reducing manual effort and time spent in the process. Its mobile and web app allows users to easily scan, share, organize and access business cards in seconds, without any reliance on internet connectivity. It was built on a robust microservices architecture that is scalable, secure, and cloud-native, and leverages the use of artificial intelligence to automate and simplify business card exchange and management.

Every year, 7.2 million trees are cut across the world to print paper business cards, 90% of which are discarded within the 1st week itself. In addition, paper business cards are more prone to damage, have a short shelf life, consume a lot of time for manual storage and management, and face stale data.

Aiming to address these challenges and offer a comprehensive suite of contact management tools, the CardByte platform was launched in 2022. It aims to make business card networking contactless, seamless, effortless and carbon free by automating and offering digital alternatives to traditional manual. process.

How digital maps are playing a major role in reshaping business growth in India
Business cards are one of the most important assets when it comes to professional networking or generating quality leads. For decades, the industry has struggled to leverage the existing contact database for businesses due to multiple challenges. While outdated information remains the main challenge, others include the complexities of organizing and accessing contacts, and the significant time spent manually storing them in their CRM or physical cardholders.

With the onset of the pandemic and an accelerated transition to digital alternatives, digital business cards not only allow users to connect seamlessly in a socially distant economy, but also allow them to leverage their existing network for the wealth creation in the form of referrals and leads. generation.

What are the advantages and benefits of contact management for business professionals?
Contact management gives the user the right information at their fingertips and instantly accessible at all times. From a business perspective, contact management can be a critical catalyst for sales growth and profitability. Seamless Networking
Users can create, scan, share and store business cards digitally. The platform helps users build and manage their network with validated and latest contact information from their peers.
Excellent time and cost efficiency
An efficient contact management platform can reduce annual spending on business cards by 80% and save up to 75% on time spent on redundant manual processes
Improved contact retention time
90% of paper business cards are discarded within a week of being redeemed, but contact management software stores them securely on the user’s device
● Real-time monitoring of all changes in the network
Contact management software keeps users informed of all their network changes in real time, so they can always stay on top of their networking game.
Contactless card exchange
With the “new normal” in picture, a contact management platform enables professionals and businesses to maintain social distancing.
4. Please share some thoughts on AI and its future in India. Can you please shed some light on the latest technologies your company is working on?
AI is the fastest technology trend adopted by industries and businesses – according to research by Accenture, the AI ​​market is expected to reach $957 billion by 2035.

The future of AI in India is very bright with the government putting in place a roadmap to adopt AI in various industries and businesses that are turning to AI to solve complex problems. The demand is unstoppable, and although the demand is high, India has the potential to become the global AI workforce capital, given the necessary steps are taken in this regard.

At CardByte, we’ve taken AI from prototype to product stage by developing a new state-of-the-art computer vision and machine learning-based combination of convolutional neural networks that can deliver the desired performance on limited smartphone resources. It uses smart and efficient advanced computing technique to balance resources while performing complex computer vision tasks.

What services does CardByte offer and how can they benefit individuals and businesses?
Acting as a collaborative tool, CardByte’s app helps users create and share their own digital business card and expand their network while intensifying their personal and professional relationships. The platform offers a suite of features that allows users to-
• Create, share and scan business cards digitally
• Get rid of the hassle of some physical cardholders by offering cloud storage
• Stay on top of all network movements in
real time
• Generate referrals and qualified leads for businesses and professionals
• Save a lot of time and money on managing large contact databases

Based on your recent hiring plans, please shed some light on how you plan to grow over the next two years, looking at the current market scenario
Based on the promising response it received from industry and stakeholders during the soft launch of the CardByte app earlier this year, the company now plans to expand its team by 250% by the end of 2022. .

As part of its business expansion plans, our team is also working on the enterprise version of its app which is expected to launch by the end of 2022, offering advanced features such as CRM integration, collaboration tools, augmented reality, voice assistance and advanced features. analytics, among others. CardByte aims to go global in the coming years and act as a complete, one-stop solution for all networking and contact management needs of businesses, businesses and working professionals.


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