Connecticut DPH Reminds Connecticut Residents of Contact Tracing Process


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Connecticut DPH reminds Connecticut residents of contact tracing process for COVID exposure

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 15, 2021

CONTACT: Chris Boyle, Director of Communications

(860) 706-9654 –

Connecticut Department of Public Health reminds Connecticut residents

About the COVID Exposure Contact Tracing Process

HARTFORD, Connecticut — Fairfield Health Department officials alerted the Connecticut Department of Public Health that they had received 12 calls from Connecticut residents who were ordered to call them regarding COVID-19 exposure that occurred on the 2nd and 3rd November.

None of these individuals were residents of Fairfield or reported spending time in Fairfield. In addition, none of these people were in the DPH ContaCT system. Residents all said they had received a live call from 800-319-7802 telling them they had been exposed and calling the main Fairfield Health Department number to complete the contact tracing – no personal information was requested. The phone number does not accept incoming calls and an internet search indicates that this number has been associated with similar notifications / scams in the past.

DPH verified that these messages were not coming from its systems and that the sources of these calls cannot be traced. The DPH team is reaching out to other contact tracing officers in the local health department to see if they have received any similar calls.

Connecticut residents are reminded that local and state health department contact tracers will contact you if you test positive for COVID-19 or have been exposed to someone with COVID-19. You will see CT COVID TRACE or the number of your local health department on your caller ID. It is very important that you answer the call.

Protect your information

The information you are asked for and provided to you during Contact Tracing is intended to help keep you safe. Contact tracers will also share information and resources on COVID-19 prevention with you. Contact tracers do not:

· Identify yourself as the source of information with others in your community.

· Share your personal or medical information, without your permission, to anyone outside of the contact tracing job.

· Give your name or contact information to employers or immigration officials.

· Ask for your social security number or immigration status.

· Request credit card information, banking information or require any type of payment.

Daily recordings

  • After the initial interview, contact tracers will ask for your consent to perform daily checks to see how you are feeling. You have the choice to participate by phone or by e-mail or SMS survey. Emails will be sent from and SMS will be sent from (855) 670-0299. If you decide not to participate by email or text message, you will receive daily phone calls from CT COVID TRACE or your local health department.

Posted By: Heather Trabal, MD


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