Contact management software can be all the CRM your business needs


If you think customer relationship management (CRM) and contact management are the same thing, you are almost law.

Contact management is a subset of CRM. But where CRM systems attempt to track all interactions with customers and then tie that data back to the sales pipeline, digital marketing campaigns, and even your supply chain, pure contact management systems are much more. targeted. These systems typically work to maintain rock solid addressing data, along with a summary of sales and information associated with sales reps (especially any open contracts). They may also include a summary of other points of contact with that customer, such as verbal communications or help desk calls.

So why not just deploy a CRM if you want contact management functionality? Because no matter how simple it is, a fully functional CRM, even designed specifically for a small business, is more than just a software implementation. It’s also an overhaul of your sales and pipeline process, and typically requires assessments of how and why your business collects data as well as your business intelligence strategy. For most very small businesses and startups, that’s just too much overhead. These organizations just want a tool that will help them find customers and sell. Now.

Starting with a stand-alone contact management service, this work is accomplished. This allows for a quick and smooth start to your first sales operations, ensuring that any further expansion in the CRM is not only easier, but also has a good data pool from the start. This is especially true if your contact management platform already has built-in CRM functionality, as many of the top players we list below do.

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And because these systems are essentially nifty databases with specially designed frontends, you can apply creative uses to them as well. During the pandemic, for example, businesses can use separate instances of a contact management system to track employees, third-party vendors, and even repeat customers and customers by adding not only contact information, but also the access status, place of work or position. This is information that can be shared with or imported from other systems, such as an employee monitoring solution or a shift planning platform.

This is another CRM tool with contact management features which may be a bit too much for those looking for a basic contact database. However, Zoho CRM’s strength lies in its versatility and range. It offers plenty of features for the money and an abundance of pricing tiers for various business needs. It is one of the most developed and mature SaaS CRM solutions that we have tested and while it is certainly more powerful than a basic contact manager, it is also aimed at users of small enterprises. This means that it is quite easy to learn, versatile, and highly customizable.

Zoho CRM also integrates well with Zoho’s wide range of other small business software solutions. From digital marketing to point of sale and accounting, Zoho has a software platform for this and they are usually at or near the top of their market. If your business is just getting started, then taking a close look at this whole team with an eye over the next five years could be a very good idea.

If you’re absolutely sure that contact management is all you need, Zoho has more to offer than its flagship CRM. There is also Zoho Contact Manager, a tool strictly focused on contact data management but with good hooks for exporting to Zoho CRM, if you go that route in the future. Additionally, the company recently released Bigin by Zoho. It is a streamlined CRM designed specifically for small and micro businesses, but with good contact management capabilities built in as well.

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Freshsales CRM is another simple CRM solution that gets customers started with a solid set of contact management features. Since this is a lightweight CRM, buyers won’t face a long learning curve, which many sales teams will appreciate, as it allows them to start using the app quickly and focus. on their work.

However, if you are planning on needing more sophisticated CRM functionality, you should evaluate Freshsales from that perspective and not just its contact management capabilities, just in case you are looking to avoid a platform change later.

Even if you do, however, the price of the product is good enough that it isn’t a big hurdle for many. For example, small businesses that need a simple solution can take advantage of a free plan. However, if you need a platform with a long list of third-party software compatibility or an open API, you will need to be careful.

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HubSpot CRM is designed for those new to CRM, which means it offers a good path from basic contact management to full CRM functionality. This is especially useful for customers who already use HubSpot’s other sales or marketing tools, but it’s also a good standalone solution, especially for small businesses. Besides contact management, it offers exceptional email and calendar integration and removes much of the tedious data entry and management that many competitors need to be up and running.

As your business grows, you can easily upgrade to the more comprehensive and premium products of HubSpot CRM, but the free version works well for newbies.

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If you’re looking for a way to streamline and organize a disparate array of customer data, Insightly CRM is a great choice. However, it is not a tool for beginners, even for those who are only interested in its contact management features. Insightly CRM has all of the contact data functionality you need, if not some, but its strengths lie more in the CRM realm, with a focus on pipeline and transaction management as well as analytics. Datas.

Insightly CRM is also evolving into other functional areas, most recently project management and digital marketing automation, which is remarkable for companies who plan to run their sales process from a CRM while doing it. now tightly integrated with their marketing campaigns.

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Pipedrive CRM is both reasonably priced and one of the simplest CRM services available. You’ll be able to get it up and running quickly, and the simple user interface will allow you to spend less time working with the software and more time working on your next sale.

However, for those who like the way it looks, know that this is a completely sales-oriented tool. While its contact management features are good, the software doesn’t differentiate between leads and contacts, for example. It’s all a big deal, so make sure this workflow is what you’re looking for. If you are a small sales business it almost certainly is, but for businesses with other contact data needs it can be a barrier.

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