Governor Lamont Congratulates Connecticut’s Contact Tracing and Information Technology Teams on Awarding National Recognition


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Governor Lamont Congratulates Connecticut’s Contact Tracing and Information Technology Teams on Awarding National Recognition

National Association of State Chief Information Officers Honors Connecticut Contact Tracing System

(HARTFORD, CT) – Governor Ned Lamont today applauds the teams that developed the Connecticut contact tracing platform, Contact, by winning last night a State IT Recognition Award by the National Association of State CIOs in recognition of the evolution of the system. The award was presented at the organization’s annual conference.

ContaCT was developed in the spring of 2020 during the initial outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Recognizing that Connecticut’s newest contact tracing system for vaccine-preventable diseases – which included an outdated paper-based process with spreadsheets to manage cases – was not up to the task of managing the volume of cases and contacts that COVID-19 was supposed to produce, Governor Lamont ordered the development of an enterprise system. The aim was to create a system that integrates with existing surveillance systems, facilitates real-time information sharing between health partners, enables the sharing of contact tracers between state and local efforts, positions the State to intervene quickly to help local health departments that have become overwhelmed, and automate case and contact interviews to improve speed and efficiency.

In May 2020, using the governor’s emergency procurement authority, leaders of the Connecticut Department of Public Health and the Connecticut Department of Administrative Services examined a dozen potential solutions in a weekend, concluded contracted with the preferred solution within a week and deployed Microsoft’s risk identification alert. System. The cloud-based system, branded by ContaCT, launched quickly with basic functionality and continued to improve over the summer.

The agile development process has allowed the state to gradually roll out features and respond to changing priorities and functional needs. Within weeks, all 64 Connecticut local health departments and the Connecticut Department of Public Health were using the same platform in a unique and successful national and local collaboration.

As a result of the development of the system, to date, more than 250,000 people have been instructed on how to protect themselves and their families and prevent the spread of COVID-19, and how to connect them. with the resources they might need to stay safe.

“Our contact tracing effort is a truly remarkable example of how our agencies and staff with different areas of expertise have risen up to meet the challenge we faced during the emergence of the COVID pandemic- 19 “, Governor Lamont said. “ContaCT is a tool that we continue to use and improve as we transform to develop fully digital government. I couldn’t be more proud that our team here in Connecticut have been honored with this award. It’s an example of why Connecticut is doing such a good job in tackling this crisis, including with our highest vaccination rates in the country. “

“Even one more person who stays home because of a successful contact tracing conversation can prevent dozens of infections. ” Connecticut Public Health Commissioner Dr Manisha Juthani said. “This team has made over 320,000 calls to date. I know this tool will continue to be of use to us as we continue to fight this pandemic. This has helped us identify clusters of cases, thereby protecting many other Connecticut residents. I am delighted to have joined a team leading the country in public health response and use of technology. I encourage our residents to answer the phone and have the conversation if a contact tracer calls you. We’re here to help, and you can protect your friends, family, and community by discussing next steps.

“It has been a great team to work with over the past year and a half,” Connecticut Social Services Commissioner and Senior Advisor for Health and Human Services, said Dr. Deidre Gifford. “This tool was built with incredible urgency, understanding that every conversation was paramount to protecting our residents. This recognition is well deserved by our team, and I can’t wait to see what solutions they will bring next. “

“Technology can do more than just improve convenience, it can save lives” Connecticut Administrative Services Commissioner and Chief Operating Officer Josh Geballe said. “This public-private partnership between our information technology and public health teams and nonprofit and private sector partners is an example of the impact we can have by working together across organizational boundaries. , using modern technology, to solve difficult problems. The nationally recognized ContaCT platform is just one example of Governor Lamont’s comprehensive response to the pandemic that resulted in the lowest case rates and highest vaccination rates in the country.

“Connecticut continues to demonstrate an innovative spirit in solving complex challenges by applying the right set of technologies across a large number of people and partners. ” Connecticut Chief Information Officer Mark Raymond said. “We are honored to be recognized for our work on this efficient, secure and efficient system. “

The following video on the work of the ContaCT development team was released last night at the National Association of Chief Information Officers conference:

For more information on the Connecticut appointment and the development of ContaCT, Click here.

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