Maker of wearable COVID contact tracing devices Rombit closes Series B round at $25M


Antwerp-based IoT solutions startup Rombit has raised a total of $25 million by announcing the close of its Series B round. After gaining the spotlight with its wearable COVID contact tracing device, the Belgian startup will continue to focus on the worker safety and productivity market and plans to significantly expand its operations in the EU, US and Middle East.

With its flagship offering, the Rombit ONE, the company offers working-class industries a sort of guardian angel. The device can monitor workers with an all-in-one portable device that covers the entire range. The device can provide real-time alerts when a worker is in distress due to a fall, shock and measures of no movement detection, evacuation alerts, emergency services. collision avoidance and the aforementioned spread of COVID through a comprehensive contact tracing solution.

By offering a proprietary hardware, connectivity and software solution, Rombit is able to get mission-critical solutions into the hands of customers and system integrators at breakneck speeds.

“Our full-stack approach serves two main purposes: packaging products in such a way that existing IT is not disturbed in any way, and applying strict standards of data security and workforce confidentiality, end to end,” commented Nico Janssens, CTO of Rombit. “Customers around the world are increasingly aware of both risks, we address them from the design stage.”

“Increased safety and productivity go hand in hand and immediately affect the customer’s bottom line. Our real-time data provides this insight,” added COO Evert Bulcke. “We continue to look to the future and invest in self-learning and stand-alone products. In the connected worker market, Rombit wants to be the reference product.

The new capital inflow from Rombit, a final close out of their Series B round, is coming through the Belgian Government’s Transformation Fund, which now joins existing investors Vic Swerts, InvestLink and several other Belgian ‘captains of industry’.

Commenting on the investment, Belgian Deputy Prime Minister Vincent Van Peteghem said: “Their wearable product was discovered by many companies during the COVID crisis. It turned out to be an accelerator for Rombit to invest more and grow.


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