Ross County Health District halts COVID contact tracing


The Ohio Department of Health (ODH) releases new COVID-19 rules that allow schools to stop universal contact tracing.

ODH director Dr Bruce Vanderhoff said that from February 4, schools will only be required to report positive cases of COVID-19 to the local health department each week. Schools are still urged to follow guidelines that those who come into contact with someone positive for COVID-19 wear a mask for ten days. The ODH also recommends that local health officials move to cluster or outbreak monitoring that focuses on high-risk settings to determine if a new variant has emerged.

The Ross County Health District is following the new guidelines. The district released you on Thursday after posting its compliance with the new guidelines.

Due to updated Ohio Department of Health guidelines, effective immediately, the Ross County Health District (RCHD) will no longer conduct contact tracing or provide advisory letters. quarantined to the general public for COVID-19. This decision is the result of the high number of COVID-19 cases, the rapid spread and rapid clinical evolution of the Omicron variant, and the reduced timelines for quarantine and isolation, as indicated by the Centers for Disease Control and Infection (CDC) and the Ohio Department of Health.

“Even though we are changing our current approach, we want everyone to know that the pandemic is not over. COVID-19 continues to have a significant impact on the health of our community. said Health Commissioner Guillozet. “Our staff is always available to answer questions regarding COVID-19. This change will allow our staff to focus more on outbreaks in high-risk settings.

The RCHD will continue to investigate COVID-19 cases using an outbreak-based model. This model prioritizes high-risk individuals in congregate settings such as assisted living and long-term care facilities, shelters and group homes, and jails and jails. K-12 schools should continue to follow ODH’s “Mask to Stay, Test to Play” protocol and allow asymptomatic students to attend school while wearing a mask if they were exposed to someone with COVID-19.

Those who have tested positive for COVID-19 should self-isolate for five days, stay home until symptoms resolve, wear a mask and contact those who may have been exposed. You should give your positive test result to those who need it. If you have been or believe you have been exposed, please follow the Ohio Department of Health flowchart.

We continue to recommend vaccination against COVID-19 as the best defense against serious illness and death from COVID-19. Our vaccination clinic is open Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. It is important to remember the mitigation strategies that we know work:

  • Stay home if you are sick
  • Wear a mask
  • Social distancing when possible.

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