SafeProx Contact Tracing & Workforce Management By: Eyrus


At the onset of the pandemic in early 2020, various industries, including the construction industry, were forced to shut down projects all over the world without a clear plan on how to return to work safely. Eyrus, a workforce visibility platform, rapidly developed and deployed SafeProx, which combines contact tracing and portable workforce management devices from Eyrus into a lightweight badge and has become a critical necessity for Eyrus customers to manage the safety of their workforce. As the new Delta variant threatens to disrupt workplaces across the country again, Eyrus has successfully deployed more than 35,000 units since 2020 in commercial construction sites, data centers, office buildings, warehouses and manufacturing plants.

Washington DC-based construction tech startup Eyrus has been providing top-level workforce visibility solutions to general contractors and businesses engaging in large construction projects since 2015. When the pandemic hit, the company was able to quickly pivot its existing technology to offer COVID -specific safety tools and features to help workers return to work safely.

This included the successful deployment of SafeProx, an IoT beacon and virtual access tool that tracks workers and provides real-time density reports to show how many people are in specific areas of a job site. The SafeProx tool generates audible and visual alerts near others to support social distancing protocols. It can also send anonymized data when someone has tested positive for COVID so that only selected workers who were nearby are quarantined, rather than having the entire project shut down for a quarantine period of two. weeks.

EyrusSafeProx was designed to serve as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and has effectively helped our customers keep their projects operational while ensuring the safety of their teams on site, ”said Alexandra McManus, Co-Founder and CEO of Eyrus . “We have been able to provide our customers with valuable data to prevent site-wide closures when workers test positive for COVID.”

Eyrus’ SafeProx tool provides stakeholders with the information they need to manage their projects and sites with efficiency and confidence. Beyond the context of contact tracing and pandemic protection measures, SafeProx can generate information on safety, security, presence, compliance, productivity and daily reporting mechanisms. Eyrus provides visibility into the workforce by combining automated data collection and real-time reporting for safety, productivity, safety and progress.

“Although created as a direct response to the pandemic, SafeProx can be an essential tool for creating the most accurate information flow between stakeholders,” said Hussein Cholkamy, co-founder and COO of Eyrus. “There is an immediate and practical need for tools like SafeProx as we deal with this pandemic, but our customers also understand the value and the information it can provide on a larger scale. “

Since its inception, Eyrus has valued more than $ 220 billion in construction projects. The Eyrus platform is designed for use on all sizes of projects in a variety of industries ranging from data center construction, residential, multi-family, commercial, hospitality, infrastructure and healthcare to home improvement and manufacturing.


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