Skylytics contact tracing solution now available to everyone

Skylytics Data LLC

Nashua, NH, December 7, 2020: Skylytics Data, which focuses on analytics, IoT and AI, announced the general availability of “safercontact”, its contact tracing and social distancing solution.

Contact tracing in the workplace today is a crucial element in limiting the potential impact of Covid-19 on employee safety and business operations. Today, workplace contact tracing, when implemented, is primarily manual and more a matter of follow-up than research. Many solutions are invasive and invade employee privacy by storing their personal information and exact locations throughout the day and even outside of working hours. Contact tracing should be the opposite of follow-up; The use of workplace tracing should ensure employee privacy by not storing employee information or locations.

Skylytics Data’s solution, safercontact, enables organizations small and large to automate workplace contact tracing and remove the complexity and inaccuracies associated with manual processes. Safercontact is designed to ensure employee anonymity and contact tracing, not tracking. When combined with a screening process that includes questions focused on exposure risk, symptoms, and temperature measurements, safer contact can effectively isolate cases and quarantine only those at risk of. exposure.

Safercontact can be deployed in organizations that require intrinsically safe devices and those that do not. The solution is flexible; it can be configured by location to ensure that tracing conforms to guidelines established by the governing body of the country in which it is deployed. Wearable devices deployed with the solutions can be worn on a lanyard, belt buckle and watch band.

Safercontact is hosted on the Losant Enterprise IoT platform. Losant’s IoT platform offers flexibility, reliability, security and seamless integration for one to millions of connected devices. Skylytics is a Losant partner.


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