Southern 7 Health Dept. switches to the new centralized contact tracing system of the IDPH


SOUTHERN, Ill. (KFVS) – The Southern Seven Health Department will transition to the Illinois Department of Public Health’s new centralized contact tracing system on Thursday, January 13.

According to the Southern Seven Health Department, people who take a Covid-19 lab test and receive a positive result will be contacted by SMS from the IDPH.

The text message will display the following text: ‘IDPH COVID: There is important information for you, call 312-777-1999 or click on the link.

The IDPH SMS does not confirm your results and does not display information.

If your results are positive, you can use the web link sent in the text message to give you some helpful advice.

You will need to call the number provided by the IDPH and cooperate with the contact tracing process to obtain a release letter to return to work, school and doctors.

Those without a cell phone number will receive a phone call from the IDPH’s Covid-19 Surge Center.

You will only be contacted by the Southern Seven Health Department contact tracing team if your case is reported as a high priority.

It is important that you call the number provided by the IDPH or answer the phone call if you are unable to receive text messages so that you can get your quarantine or release letters from. isolation.

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